Between Friends plus 25

Mark & McCoy
Sun, 09/06/2015 - 18:31

McCoy and I were having a wonderful time performing as two of The Brothers Four and Ted Brancato and I were having fun promoting my new solo album “The Missing Peace.”

We decided we wanted to do something together. We re-mastered the “Between Friends” album along with a half a dozen tracks from a concert performance from 1983 featuring the same musicians. We released it all on a 25th anniversary CD in the spring of 2006 and did some concerts in the Northwest to make people aware of it.

I think it was Bill Staines who said there is no “use by” date on a good song. I’m not going to argue with him.

The video is of a song called “The Magic Carpet.” It was written for a high school friend of mine, Dan Eaton, who had his own car back then. McCoy has a way of making a song his own. He sure did on this one.

As far as the audio tracks “The Winners and the Losers” is a song I never get tired of singing. “The Café” and “I Don’t Know Where The Good Times Go” feature McCoy and a wonderful band of musicians.

If you want hear McCoy, Ted, and I perform some of these songs in a special 50th anniversary concert please to go Brown Paper Tickets. It would be great to share the concert with you.

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