All The Septembers of Our Lives

The Brothers Four

Try To Remember

On the morning of September 11, 2001 The Brothers Four were getting ready to head to Japan at the end of that week. I remember walking around Greenlake later that evening along with countless others. We all needed to be with other people. Everyone and everything was quiet. For the first time in how long there was not one plane in the sky overhead. When flights were finally resumed The Brothers Four were on one of the first international flights out of SeaTac. The airport was eerily quiet. I remember watching Bush's speech to Congress as well as a musical event on the television in my hotel room in Fukuoka. The group was on edge the whole time we were away from family that trip. Because some groups were having trouble getting from New York City to Japan we were asked if we would stay on for a week or so beyond what was scheduled. As a group we decided we needed to get home. 

No one knew what the future would hold. We did know we were all in this together and that, at that moment, the world grieved with us as well as for us.

Published 9/11/2019