The President speaks at the United Nations


The President of the United States of America appeared before arguably one of the most significant deliberative bodies in the history of the world and proclaimed that if he did not get what he wanted he would be willing to kill 25 million people and to burn their country alive.
Of course the President’s behavior is not without precedent. He is walking in well-worn shoes albeit on a much different scale. For instance in 1960 Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev reportedly took off his shoe and pounded it on a table in the United Nations to make a point. In 1974 in full view of the television cameras Yasser Arafat carried a pistol in a holster when he addressed the UN General Assembly.
A few “common taters” have gone so far as to proclaim that this President was simply saying what the American people wanted to hear. Dear God, say it is not so. If we as a nation continue to be capable of normalizing that kind of rhetoric what else will we prove capable of thinking, saying and ultimately doing?

Published 9/21/2017