The Mourning Ryde rides again

Mark & McCoy
Mon, 04/22/2019 - 20:49

Our group in college was known as the Mourning Ryde. Not sure where the spelling came from. We had a lot of fun. In June of 1968 we competed in a national talent show called "Your All-American College Show." We won our first round. The show happened to be the first national television appearance of The Carpenters. They were called The Richard Carpenter Trio at that time. Karen played the drums and sang "Dancing in the Street." She was incredible. Our group made it into the semi-finals. The Carpenters actually finished second to Linda McClure. She sang show tunes and was the UCLA Bruin mascot at that time. The Mourning Ryde were offered a job the winter of 1969 singing at the Alpental ski resort. It didn't work out once I was offered a chance to join The Brothers Four. The Mourning Ryde are going to sing at Graduation Celebration on April 27th. It will by first public performance in more than 50 years. It should be a lot of fun. 

The picture is from a performance on campus in the Spring of 1968. The recordings were made around that same time.

The event will be at the University Congregational church starting at 7 PM. (4515 16th Ave. NE across from the UW campus.)

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