Karl Olsen, singing partner and friend

The Brothers Four
Thu, 10/19/2017 - 11:51

Karl Olsen has been a member of The Brothers Four for nearly ten years now. In other words he's the new guy. He is a wonderful talent and an even better person. He is a great addition on the stage and on the road. The Brothers Four were founded nearly 60 years ago with the idea that the group was as much a family as a business. Karl has been a big part of keeping that spirit as real and important today as it was when this amazing journey began. These are good days for the group. Thanks in part to all that Karl contributes it appears the audiences agree.

Included here is a video of The Brothers Four singing "Turn Around" that features Karl as well as an interview that Karl and I did a few years ago. There are also some recordings from Karl's solo albums. His version of "And I Love You So" is as good as I've heard. Karl and his wife sang "Grow Old Along with Me" at his first Brothers Four concert and I've been a fan of that song ever since.

If you are interested in ordering one of his solo CD's or learning more about him or the group contact me at https://markpearsonmusic.com/contact.

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