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Thu, 08/22/2019 - 14:36

We are living in a time when I feel it is important to publicly and in no particular order state what I believe concerning some issues of the day. I do this not expecting others to agree or to change minds or hearts but to simply stand up and be counted.  


I believe that global warming is caused by humans, is a clear and present danger as well as an existential threat. Because of the role the United States has played in causing global warming, I believe we should and must be a leader in acknowledging and dealing with its affects.

I believe it is wrong and a disservice to future generations for the United States to pass laws that make the rich richer while adding trillions of dollars to our nation’s debt.

I believe that outlawing abortions will do little to stop abortions. I believe making them illegal, however, will further stigmatize them and make them much more dangerous.

I believe slavery, the owning of other human beings, is this country’s original sin. I also believe we have yet to fully face that truth/sin and its consequences. 

 While I believe we are a racist, sexist, and patriarchal society, I believe we continue to make unsteady progress and have the potential to become an example to the world when it comes to creating a nation where we can judge and be judged simply by the content of our character.

I believe, as Walter Cronkite did, that freedom of the press is not just important to democracy, it is democracy. 

I believe it is morally abhorrent to put children into cages and that doing so is a stain on this country and all who pledge allegiance to its flag. 

I believe we are all somehow made in God’s image, and that God does not make junk. I also believe that the love story that is Jesus’s life is being sullied these days by religious nationalism.

I believe those who choose to constantly lie, blame, bully, belittle, and brag do not deserve our respect – no matter how high an office or position they might attain.

As someone who grew up owning guns and hunting with my family and friends, I believe that registering guns as well as outlawing assault weapons and high capacity magazines does not violate the spirit of the 2nd Amendment as intended by the Founders.

I believe that believing in the power of the Federal Government to do important and good things does not make someone a socialist.

I grew up believing and continue to believe – like it or not – like each other or not - we are all in this together, that our goal should be to leave this world a better place than we found it, and that we should do our best to treat others (and all living things) the way we want to be treated.

I believe the commitment to love and to offering and receiving grace may never be more important than at those times that appear to be too often and too easily governed by shamelessness, fear, and grievance.


These things I believe concerning some issues of the day.






















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