Concert at Meany Hall 1984

Mark & McCoy
Mon, 08/24/2015 - 19:40

Though we didn’t know it at the time the concert at Meany Hall in September of 1984 would turn out to be the last big event for McCoy and me in what might be described as our “Between Friends” period.

We poured everything we knew into that 84 concert that we dedicated to Pat Sands’ memory. There were over 20 new songs including two new ones for Pat Sands and two to add to “Since First We Said Goodbye” forming what became known as “A Sea Trilogy.” The staging included some back screen projections and other visual affects. That show was the last time we would perform with a five-piece band.

McCoy sang “My Father’s Footsteps” and dedicated it to his father who was in the audience celebrating his birthday. A little over a year later he would sing that song at his father’s memorial.

Three of the audio recordings feature McCoy. You can hear him dedicating “My Father’s Footsteps” to his dad. “Love Song From an Old Rock and Roller” is a personal favorite of mine as is the arrangement of “Run with the Wind.”
“You Simply Make My Day” and “Love Has Survived” are special songs to me from that time. “The Sea Trilogy” is one of the most ambitious we have ever done. "Home Tomorrow Night" came oh so close to being recorded in Nashville.

The guitar player in the band that night was John Morton. The piano player was Ted Brancato. They will be joining McCoy and me on September 13th. If you want to be there as well please to go Brown Paper Tickets


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