Among Friends

Mark & McCoy
Tue, 09/01/2015 - 17:58

In June of 1995 McCoy and I celebrated 30 years of singing together by singing together in a concert we called “Among Friends.” We introduced a number of new songs including the five you can listen to here from an audio recording of that night. There is a personal quality to the songs. “Special Lucky Star” was written for McCoy’s daughter. “Luck and Love and Time” is based around our experience building McCoy’s house together. “Father to a Son” was inspired by the birth of McCoy’s son. “The Real McCoy” is a play on words that turned into a pretty good song.

“The Ballad of Dick Standley” is a special song for me. While I always considered McCoy the best athlete I’ve ever known a few months before the Among Friends concert he told me how Dick Standley was a much better athlete than he was in grade school. He went on to explain how Dick died of cancer and how in a way McCoy stepped into Dick’s shoes and the leadership role when he and his friends got into high school sports. McCoy does a great job of introducing the song.

That September I created a book containing the lyrics of original songs McCoy and I had sung over the years that best represented our musical journey and the two of us. While none of this was labeled “a retrospective” there was a tacit acceptance that we were looking back at what were likely our best musical days.

What neither of us could have realized was that our best and most precious times together personally and professionally had not yet arrived.

The video recorded a few years ago is of McCoy and me talking about our journey together.

Help us celebrate 50 years of music and friendship on September 13th.

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