A Tribute to Bill, George, Paul, and Rick, The Kingston Trio


It has been my good fortune to travel with and share stages with George Grove, Rick Dougherty, Bill Zorn, and Paul Gabrielson. In a few weeks they will be performing together for the last time as members of The Kingston Trio. (If you are a bit confused by the idea that there are four of them, from the beginning the “Trio” consisted of three guys on the front line along with a bass player.)

In the coming days I hope to talk further about my fondness and respect for these guys as professionals and people. For the moment just let me say thank you to them for how well they represented the music and the memories.

George’s heartfelt introduction to and performance of “I’ll See You in My Dreams” may indeed say it all and say it best.

The guys singing featuring Bob Shane

Published 9/8/2017