45th Street Group, Then and Now

Mark & McCoy
Thu, 08/13/2015 - 15:12

When McCoy and I were in college there was a “rival” quartet who called themselves the 45th Street Group consisting of guys from the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Why four guys? I’m not sure. In some ways we might have all been influenced by the success of The Brothers Four.

In college the two groups were friendly as much as friends. Then in 1977 one of their group, Bob Efird, was killed when two 747’s collided in Tenerife. I was asked to sing at his memorial and a bond with his cohorts was strengthened especially Chuck Salmon who sang with me on that sad day.

A few years ago the remaining guys in the 45th Street Group decided to get together again. They asked if I would like to be the fourth for a night of singing. We had so much fun we decided to do it again the next year and then the next. The circle has expanded to include a couple of other Alpha Delts from the class of 1969, Steve Henderson who when we gather plays the sun down with his bag pipes and Jim Nystrom who reads from his latest novel.

Along with our wives we sing lots of old songs and introduce a few new ones. We eat lots and remember fondly and mostly we are grateful for the music and the memories and a chance to be together and to share the moment. We leave bathed in songs and good feelings and excited to think we’ll be doing it all again next year.

Left to right in a photo from our get together this August: Myself, Steve Henderson, Bob Isaacson, Chuck Salmon, Jim Nystrom, and Bob Davis.

Left to right in the black and white photo circa 1969: Bob Davis, Bob Isaacson, Chuck Salmon, and Rob Efird.

The 3rd photo is of Chuck and me and his dad, Les. Les loved to get together and sing. He was made an honorary member of The Brothers Four during a concert at the Admiral Theater in his hometown of Bremerton not long before he died.

The audios here are a couple of songs The 45th Street Group recorded back in the day, “San Francisco Bay Blues” and “Time of Man.”

The video included here I dedicate to the kids we were and to the adults we've become and to all we've learned along the way.

Most of these guys are planning on being at McCoy's and my concert on September 13th. If you'd like to join them tickets are available at Brown Paper Tickets. http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2055269

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