• Conversation with John Paine Part One

    I met John Paine at the end of 1968. Since then we have been friends, bandmates, and since 2002 neighbors. He is a special person in my life.

  • Conversation with John Paine Part Two

    So many good memories with John, professionally and personally. A recent was had to do with his birthday. His family and close friends went around in the circle we had surrounded him with and told him how he meant to us. 

  • Conversation with John Paine Part Three

    In this video John talks about the experience of visiting Japan on a regular basis. I have a fond memory of having dinner with John and his son, Scott, on what was John's last visit to that country.

  • Conversation with Karl Olsen

    One of the most satisfying things about being in The Brothers Four are the deep and abiding bonds of friendship that go beyond the music. Karl is special on stage and off.