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Songs & Stories From Home Episode 35

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In December of 1968 I dropped out of the University of Washington to become a member of The Brothers Four and began chasing my dream of being a singer, a songwriter, and a storyteller. The journey continues to this day. A few years ago through the Civil Rights Pilgrimages and their connection to the Communication Department at the U I went back to school– and a year ago – some 50 years after I might have graduated – I got my degree – because The Brothers Four were going to be touring in Japan when the official graduation ceremony was scheduled – well – we had our own graduation celebration – This month I’d like to revisit a few of the moments from that evening – In this one I introduce Mike Kirkland – the fellow who I replaced in The Brothers Four – I was 21 at that time – and not interested in recognizing how important it was that I was standing on his shoulders – and walking in his footsteps – in fact if anything – I felt stuck in his shadow -and wanted nothing to do with him – and though it took a while – I am happy to say that I finally did realize it – the importance of Mike Kirkland in my life – and the special connection we have – and the genuine affection we now share – having said that I’m going to repost the Podcast from last summer – where after more than 50 years we appear on stage together – along with another founding member, John Paine, who has also been my neighbor for almost 20 years now - and a couple of current members – Mike McCoy and Karl Olsen – being on stage together that evening is a life and career highlight for me - 

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