Dear Partner Letter #10: Songs & Stories Between Friends

Songs & Stories From Home Episode 70



The cafe was fairly clean and all the lights were on
Except for two strangers almost everyone had gone
Their eyes met before they did all saying something's wrong
They could not say if they should stay or should be moving on

Each light was burning sixty although they could not quite
See if they were just two ships out passing in the night
And if what lay hidden might be truly out of sigh
And that night could turn two wrongs into something that was right



Welcome to Songs and Stories from Home as we continue to share the Dear Partner Letters. Letters to my friend and song mate of 55 years, Mike McCoy.


Dear Partner, 

You’ve always had a way of taking a song and making it your own. The song we just heard, The Café, from the Between Friends album, a good example. In this time of covid, these letters are an opportunity to share songs and stories, to reflect on things. Things like a lifelong musical partnership. A lasting friendship. Exploring if not quite answering questions like who are we and what are we doing here. Or sharing in the quest to align truth with love and love with truth. 

Because these letters are addressed to you but meant to be shared, as a way for people to get to know you or us better, in this Letter or Podcast we will be sharing a video of us singing one of our early songs, The Greyhound. A song that tells the story of people stepping out of their lives if only for a moment. And after that another video of the two of us talking. We created it ten years ago, when we’d only been doing this for forty-five years. It was part of the Campfire Conversations. And in the transcript of this Podcast, you can click on Campfire Conversations and that will take you to more of them at There are two more with the two of us as well as some with other members of The Brothers Four and also with Ted Brancato who is playing keyboards on this next song, The Greyhound.


The cafe owner is stacking all the tables up with chairs
Both strangers got a feeling that he wished he were not there
Then both began to wonder does anybody really careThat what is outside in the night seems never to be fair

The cafe owner points to the door both knew what he proposed
But neither asked the other what they were willing to expose
It might have started there or it ended I suppose
For on one side the sign said open on the other it just said closed


©Copyright 1981 Love Gives More Music




Link to Performance of the song Greyhound.

Link to Campfire Conversation. Pearson and McCoy Part One.

Link to Campfire Conversation with Pearson and Ted Brancato.

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