The Missing Peace

Songs & Stories From Home Episode 31

Welcome to the Holiday Podcast of Songs and Stories From Home

For this Podcast I’ll be sharing one of the first videos I created with Al Bergstein nearly 10 years ago. The song on the video is The Missing Peace. I wrote it nearly 35 years ago for my stepdaughter, Lindsey, when she was 8 years old. It’s a song I continue to sing. It’s filled with a lot of memories now. It became the title song of an album I did. I sang it for Lindsey at her wedding reception, on her son’s special day after he was welcomed into the church. In the introduction on this video I wish for everyone that peace abides; abides because we find it in ourselves; we find it in and with someone else; we find it because we listen to and chose to give voice to our better angels; because we find ways to continue to love in the face of our fears. That is certainly my wish for you today. Thank you for coming along on this amazing journey. I look forward to discovering together what awaits in the new year. Happy Holidays, everyone.

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