A Journey Revisited

Songs & Stories From Home Episode 26

Welcome to another Podcast of Songs and Stories from Home

In the Fall of 2010 I’d reached a moment in my life and career where I felt the clothes finally “fit.” I also believed I had untied enough of the knots and untangled enough of the tangles of that life to be able to spin its various threads into yarns and weave those threads into what I hoped would be an interesting tapestry. What I thought would be a journey simply of memory soon became one of discovery as well. What I anticipated might take twelve months ended up taking seven years. 

Now I’d like to look again at “One of Those Times in a Life” beginning with a map of the completed journey as well as a page showing all 49 campfires. In the upcoming Podcasts we will look back on each of the seven stages and talk about some specific campfires while describing what the journey meant and what it continues to mean.

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One of Those Times in a Life | Mark Pearson Music

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