Dear Partner Letter #17: Only in the Darkness

Songs & Stories From Home Episode 77


At that moment in the forest as we face our darkest side
See ourselves for the first time in a wholly different light 
If only for an instant there is nothing that we fear
All we were and are and will ever be it’s here
And while nothing’s really different truly everything has changed 
We have reached some understanding that we simply can’t explain
And then it dawns upon us that we know and we are known
And we’re no longer in the forest we are on our way back home


Only the darkness we can see the light
Only in the darkness we may face the night
Only in the darkness we ever truly see
Enough to find and face our fears and finally set them free


That’s the last verse and the chorus of a song called Only In The Darkness. Often there are things that come clear to us only in the darkest of places and the darkest of times.


Dear Partner,

There are moments in our lives when everything changes, that change everything. The Monday after Thanksgiving in 1995 was one such moment, when you found your way out the darkness and into the dawn of a new day. Something you talk about so well in your own way in your own words.




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